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We have a great reputation for providing quality equipment, tremendous value and superior customer service. Our unique capabilities are rapidly becoming the preferred option for managing the purchase and sale of surplus product.

Partnering with our customers to maximize investment value, minimize customer risk and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship is our top priority.


Aero Auctions

Jorg Hermanns, President
Hermanns Contracting Limited

Based on our experience, we at Hermanns Contracting have no hesitation in highly recommending the equipment auction services provided by Aero Auctions.

Francis Marci, V.P.
Mopal Construction Limited

I want to thank you for the excellent service you provided us in selling our equipment.

Stephen E. Mitchell, C.E.T.
Corm Contraction Sewer & Watermain Ltd.

I am nothing short of impressed with the value you delivered on our equipment. Your auction not only sold all our equipment and vehicles, after more conventional methods failed, you brought us better than expected sales values.

Vic Priestly
Priestly Demolition Inc.

I fully recommend your services to any company needing to maximize value and service when managing the purchase and sale of equipment.

Andrea Smith CHRP, Purchaser
Human Resources Business Partner

I just wanted to say thank you for the great experience we have had in purchasing our new trailer (2003 Rockwood Roo June 8th sale) – people told us we were crazy to buy sight unseen from an auction house but boy were they wrong!

Marg at the Woodstock site was so helpful in making sure I had all the info I needed before picking up – and was a huge help once I arrived to take the trailer away!

Anyways I just wanted to give some credit where it was due!

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